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Daily Communicable Disease Routine and Procedure

As of 3/23/20

Please understand, that as this situation evolves and changes, we are holding to this policy as of the above date forward until changes or amendments are necessary.

You will be notified of changes, amendments or clarifications through the Remind App text-messaging system which will direct you to this site.

Please refer to the CDC Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Poster on the clampdocs page.

Employees who are not under doctor’s order to remain at home and are able to report to work, please follow these daily steps:

The availability of temperature scan guns is in acute short supply. We feel that it is best to have employees self-monitor at this time with personal thermometers.

  1. Take your temperature, at home, each day before you come to work.
  2. If you have a fever, call your supervisor immediately.
  3. Next, contact your doctor over the phone and explain your symptoms. Follow all of your doctor’s orders.
  4. If your doctor asks you to stay home or to be tested for COVID-19, let your supervisor or a representative from Human Resources know
  5. HR will contact you further to discuss:

​              Doctor recommendations or results from COVID-19 testing
              Return to work dates or restrictions if applicable

If you report to work with a fever or feel the effects of a fever at work:

  1. You will be sent home immediately
  2. You will be instructed to contact a medical provider
  3. Follow all of their orders
  4. Follow above steps #5

If you are concerned about missing work, please know that Clampco realizes this an extremely unique and worldwide event. We will approach individuals on a case-by-case basis until a plant-wide shut-down becomes necessary.

Thank you,

Jason C. Venner

Human Resource Manager