4/6/20 Updates

  • On 4/2/2020 Governor Mike DeWine issued an amended stay at home order – extended until 5/1/2020

                         -Clampco will continue to operate under the guidance of the safe workplace instructions presented by the Ohio Department of Health


  • On 4/4/2020 Governor Mike DeWine urged Ohioans to begin wearing cloth masks while in public, as now recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

                        -We have on order: 400 3-Layer Disposable Masks. We should see these arrive this week or early next
                        -Hooray for Abby Tolson!!!!! Amy Young, her daughter Abby and her husband John have all lent their time and skill to                                 Clampco in making reusable masks for Clampco employees which will be available next Monday
                       -Together these two supplies can hopefully help us get to the 5/1/2020 end date of the Governor’s order

  • If you would like to learn more about cloth face coverings, you can navigate to the following page on the coronavirus.ohio.gov page

  • There are tutorials regarding making home-made or makeshift masks with materials that you can find in your own home



  • Citywide, our new cleaning crew, will be conducting our first electro-static spray application to the plant this Wednesday, 4/8/20


  • We plan on doing this treatment weekly through the month of April.


  • Please continue to use provide disinfectant cleaner, Chemsafe Formula 17750.


  • Please continue to take your temperature at home before reporting to work. Should you develop symptoms of COVID-19, you are to contact a health care provider immediately and follow all of their instructions. Human Resources will contact you further.

  • Please see additional information regarding taking care of your mental well-being and handling stress during this time.

  •  We are all in this together. I truly want to express our gratitude for having you as our employees.

Jason C. Venner

Human Resource Manager

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