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4/1/2020 Notice and Updates

  • We have contracted with a cleaning service to conduct an electro-static treatment of high-touch areas throughout the facility. Beginning next Wednesday, the service will conduct their procedure once a week for the next four weeks. 

  • Some of you have asked questions about your 401k/Profit Sharing accounts. Noble-Davis has notified me that there have been some changes on certain restrictions. Please see the CARES notice under the Documents tab on I’d also be happy to answer questions if you may have them at this time.

  • Travel restrictions vary from state to state at this time; however, you should consider the following taken from the Center for Disease Control 

                 “CDC does not generally issue advisories or restrictions for travel within the United States. However, cases of                          COVID-19 have been reported in many states, and some areas are experiencing community spread of the                                  disease. Crowded travel settings, like airports, may increase your risk of exposure to COVID-19, if there are other                    travelers with COVID-19. There are several things you should consider when deciding whether it is safe for you                      to travel. Things to consider before travel: Is COVID-19 spreading where you're going? If COVID-19 is spreading                      at  your destination, but not where you live, you may be at higher risk of exposure if you travel there.”

  • If you are planning to travel at this time, we strongly recommend that you 1) consider changing your plans, and that you 2) contact the Health Department before you go and after you arrive home for guidance.

  • The MCHD currently recommends a 14-day quarantine at this time for anyone who has traveled out of state, and certainly if the individual has traveled to somewhere where known cases have been documented.


  • County Health Departments will provide individuals and those possibly affected with official notice should an individual test positive for the virus. Clampco will follow all guidelines should this be the case with one of our employees.

  • Our established call-off procedures still stand at this time. If you are to miss work, for whatever reason, it is imperative for you to call in to your supervisor and to notify them of the reason of your absence and the expected duration of your absence.

  • You are eligible to receive certain Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave pay, for qualifying reasons due to COVID-19. We want to be able to code your absences correctly going forward. Please refer to the Links section for the DOL poster. If you feel you fall under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, please notify your supervisor and a member of Human Resources will contact you further. 

  • If you are sent home from COVID-19 related reasons, you are responsible for calling into Human Resources to answer further questions/receive instructions.

  • At this time, if you quality and utilize your Federally provided Emergency Paid Sick Leave, this does not mean that Clampco has laid you off work or put you on furlough. Clampco has the intention to continue operating safely at this time. Formal communications regarding any type of change to our operations will come in the form of an official announcement on Company Letterhead, signed by Executive Management and presented to you and/or posted on the site

  • You will have many questions and concerns during this time. It is important to openly cooperate in a spirit of teamwork as we navigate this difficult time. You are free to ask questions. If we cannot provide an accurate answer during this time, please allow time for us to find the information and present it back to you.

  • The United States 2020 census is still on! Online completion is available at You can also follow find this link on the links tab on

  • There are many charitable organizations who are in need at this time. Our United Giving Campaign is not yet over for the 2019-20 cycle. If you would like to give to an organization, please notify me.


Thank you, and be well.

Jason C. Venner

Human Resources Manager