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Follow these links for the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations regarding school closures and a checklist for teachers and parents:


CDC- Checklist for Teachers and Parents:



CDC- Considerations for School Closure



Below are some web resources for locating day care centers, family day care homes, child care financial assistance, and in-home child care resources:


Resources for locating Out-of-Home Child Care Providers and Financial Assistance:






Resources for hiring an In-Home Child Care Provider:

The websites listed below are online posting boards that help families find a nanny or babysitter independent of a placement agency.  These sites allow parents to place an advertisement for a caregiver or browse the resumes of nannies and babysitters who are looking for a child care position.  Please note that there may be fees associated with these services and that parents are responsible for checking references.  Some sites partner with background check agencies and services are available for an additional fee.  Please click on the following links for additional information: 










Creative Child Care Solutions:


Due to the temporary closure of many child care providers and schools, locating an opening at an out-of-home child care facility can be extremely difficult. Now is the time to reach out to your community. We anticipate that many child care workers that will be displaced from their jobs may be willing to offer child care services to those that still have to show up to work. It is also possible that you have stay-at-home parents or individuals in your local community network that would be more than happy to offer assistance. We understand that asking for help can be awkward and maybe even anxiety-inducing, but crises have the capacity to make a community stronger in unexpected ways. So in addition to the above resources, below are some creative solutions for finding care:

Post to social media or online parenting groups to see if any friends or those in your local community could care for your child(ren).
Post to Next Door (https://nextdoor.com/) to see if anyone in your surrounding neighborhood could care for your child(ren).
Coordinate with co-workers to watch each other's child(ren).
Try to work an opposite shift of the secondary parent (if applicable) to cover needed supervision
Reach out to family members and friends to see if any are available to assist.
Ask your supervisor if they could assist in coordinating creative care solutions. If you’re a supervisor, help to be as flexible as feasibly possible to accommodate any coordination being attempted by employees in accordance with your business practices.
See if you can get the information from your school or daycare for teachers or caregivers that may by offering temporary care. These caregivers should already be CPR and First Aid certified, and will probably be the best option for any children that have special needs that have to be accommodated.
Call your local United Way to see if they know of any additional local child care resources in your area (https://www.unitedway.org/find-your-united-way) Type your paragraph here.

Child Care Resources

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