Clampco Products, Inc. provides maximum value products and services to meet or exceed our Internal and External customers’ requirements and expectations.  This is achieved through identifying our customers’ needs, a commitment to continuous improvement, ongoing training, and a spirit of teamwork. 

Clampco proudly supplies to customers across

the globe and is certified


Clampco is committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, environmental compliance and continual improvement to enhance environmental performance.

Clampco received the 2014 “Rosie Awards” from the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce for outstanding business of the year, and the 2014 Corporate Citizen of the Year award from the Medina County Economic Development Committee.

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Clampco Products,  Inc. commits itself to a word-and-deed practice where every employee  participates in a safety inspired, quality assured and quick response culture, which is open to all participants, provides for job-specific safety training and safety equipment, and promotes an environment where productivity is the direct result of cleanly process organization, wellness, zero lost time injuries, and unselfish communication at all  levels.